Eye Focus: Look Younger for Longer

by Susanah Cheok

5 power-packed serum treatments for your peepers.

After all these years, I have not found the perfect eye treatment product for my blinkers. And not from want of starting young. How shocking though, at the age of 21, to spy fine, almost – but not quite –imperceptible lines under the outer corners of my eyelids. Shocking, even though only I could see them, and upon very close scrutiny. After all, I was only a newly-minted adult! That sparked off my decades-long futile search for the right eye care product. To no avail. Nothing really worked, which saw me giving up on eye creams completely.

But with these new power-packed eye treatment serums from beauty power houses like Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, Clarins, and Sulwhasoo, perhaps there’s hope yet again, even at my ripe old age.

I like that they are wholistic all-in-ones – for combating wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and promoting firmness and radiance. The whole she-bang. I remember when eye care was a singular strategy: one product for de-puffing, one for crow’s feet, another for lifting. The bother. No wonder I gave up.

Another positive thing is that the active ingredients they use are derived from organic botanicals, and they have pleasantly melty textures that promote quick absorption. Check these out.


Sulwhasoo’s hydrogel eye mask comes as a beauty treatment ‘blindfold’, which is so charming and convenient for that weekly at-home pampering session, or when you’re on a long-haul flight. Cool feels aside, each double wrapping hydrogel sheet also promotes optimum adhesion, penetration of product, and a comfortable, cooling sensation.

It contains Sulwhasoo’s patented Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate obtained by condensing the nutrients of ginseng, also Compound K, extracted from ginseng roots, which moisturise, firm and enable absorption by the skin around the eyes respectively. Together, they do the amazing job of promoting collagen synthesis inside the dermis to revitalise delicate skin around the eye area.

At $95 for a neat box of 8 pieces.


If you’re already sold on Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique, this is a natural add-on. This new star of the Genifique range also purportedly works in 7 days. It’s premise: firmer skin around the eyes and longer, thicker lashes mean bigger, brighter-looking eyes. And who among us from the born-tired generation, wouldn’t want that?

This nifty eye serum, like its mother product, contains a cocktail of probiotic fractions to ensure your skin gets the same balanced microbial environment in order to behave like younger skin – no visible fine lines, de-puffed eye bags, strong, dense lashes. Part of its star appeal comes from the marvelous 360-degree flexible massage applicator that lets you apply the product like an eye massage pro.

To use: swirl it gently around each eye to smoothen skin; move it in squiggles under each eye to de-puff; create tiny circles around the inner eye corners to prevent sagging, and stroke it on the base of lashes to fortify each follicle.

At $120 per bottle.


Dior has been on a serious fast track to recapturing youth for women of all ages and lifestyles. Dior’s principle for Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment is to go deep so as to effect visible surface results.

If you’re often told that you look tired, trust me it’s all in the eyes. That’s why on a macro level, Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Eye Treatment aims to combat signs of fatigue, but on a granular micro level, it is anti-dark circles, anti-wrinkles and anti-puffiness.

All this is possible with Crithmum, a naturally-derived active ingredient that has a similar effect on skin as retinol – that of enabling optimum cell rejuvenation. It also contains active botanicals such as Albizia, siegesbeckia and iris florentino, antioxidants that boost the process of glyoxalase, also known as skin’s natural anti-oxidant defense system. This fight against free radicals that damage delicate eye area skin, maintains and protects skin’s density and luminosity, hydrates skin at a deeper level, and firms it to prevent crinkling and drooping.

At $110 per vial.


It’s classic Clarins – botanicals-rich and great for active women. It does the necessary – de-puffs eye bags caused by lack of sleep, lightens tiredness dark circles, reduces fine lines and even deeper wrinkles, maintains and improves skin firmness. The works, the full renovation in other words.

Packed with plant power, it contains active ingredients such as organic harungana extract, cassie wax to lift and firm up the skin so eyes appear bigger and brighter. Also Albizia extract to fight dark circles, horse chestnut ecsin, organic guarana extract and plant caffeine to counteract a tired countenance, and organic shea butter for a general skin-smoothing effect.

Fitness fans will like its balm-like texture that’s easily absorbed, so you’re good to go (for body combat class or PT) the minute you lay it on.

The Clarins Total Eye Lift retails at S$130 for 15ml and will be available on Clarins.com.sg and at all Clarins boutiques and counters from 3 August 2020.


Luxury that makes a difference is this light-to-the touch serum that’s high-performing yet gentle. It has a wrinkle-smoothing, radiance-inducing effect on delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes.

The magic is in the botanical alfalfa concentrate that works like retinol on both the dermis and the epidermis. It re-activates the production of type-1 collagen and encourages the cellular proliferation of keratinocytes and stimulates epidermal differentiation. There’s more.

In Chanel’s Le Lift Crème Yeux is also a phyto-active complex containing ecsin phytosomes with yeast extract to decongest and energise the eye contours, and ecsin phytosomes derived from horse chestnut seeds to lighten dark circles. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid derivative, glycerin and a polysaccharide reinforce the smoothing, plumping and hydrating actions of this pleasing melt-away serum.

At $140 a jar.


Images courtesy of respective brands featured, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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