Dior: A Rose by Many Other Names

by Pressroom

Women and their special achievements bloom in the Dior Rose Garden with rose bushes sponsored in their names.

Christian Dior’s love for the rose is legendary, and is at the heart of everything Dior.

The Rose de Granville, jewel of Dior Prestige, blooms in the Loire Valley, 100 percent natural and free from fertilisers, and is the first rose created for cosmetic skincare. Selected from among 40,000 flowers, it possesses a life force from stem to flower that no other rose can match.

Not far from Christian Dior’s childhood home, the Dior Rose Garden is a paradise of 30,000 Granville rose bushes planted across 7 hectares – all of which are dedicated to producing powerful molecules for regeneration for the Dior Prestige skincare line.

The Maison is extending the unique honour of sponsoring a rose bush (in their own name) to a line up of remarkable women, both famous and not, known for their talent and achievements. Rising stars such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Yara Shahidi are the faces of Dior beauty, along with friends of the House such as Yuna Kim, Sharon Alexie or Chinese actor Wang Likun. They are now being joined by renowned dietician and model Maye Musk and English facialist Teresa Tarmey.

Images courtesy of Dior, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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