Roger Vivier: The Secret of the Swan

by Pressroom

The latest edition of Hôtel Vivier is an enigmatically extravagant escape into a luxurious state of mind.

Slender and proud, a towering swan greets guests as they enter the exclusive space that is Hotel Vivier. Past this symbol of desire and purity, an actress recounts the tale behind the Hotel. A variety of experiences and spectacles await guests as they explore each room – a boudoir presents a Marie-Antoinette character surrounded by cat-headed footmen; a majestic soprano pauses between two opera arias in a bedroom; a fascinating dining room buffet that displays delectable bags and jewellery from the collection; statues that come alive; the backstage of a cabaret where performers transform their appearances with wigs and jewellery; a corridor of legs dressed in some of the most luscious and dazzling creations among the collection… And an extremely private club filled with surprises waiting to be revealed.

Letting your imagination run wild is now more important than ever.

Gherardo Felloni, Artistic Director of Maison Roger Vivier

A gateway into the world of Roger Vivier, the doors of Hotel Vivier were first opened in September 2018 in Paris where a historical hôtel particulier was transformed into an eclectic hotel that invited guests to walk through Gherardo Felloni’s imagination. Hotel Vivier then travelled to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and New York, where every city saw its own interpretation of Felloni’s concept.

Opening the doors once again for the FW22 collection, it is yet another unforgettable experience that appeals to the senses – key when it comes to accessories. Whether it’s the shine of a handbag clasp, or the rapping sound as the heel meets the floor, announcing an impending arrival, the allure of accessories stretches beyond just the product itself.  At Hotel Vivier, eroticism and mystery play an important role in the world of luxurious accessories, as the meticulousness in detail and excellence in craftsmanship are presented.

The portrait of Roger Vivier himself, appears in a room where craftsmen show their skill of precision. This dedication to craftsmanship is at the heart of the Maison, and is seen in the emblematic Viv’ Choc strass bag presented in a neon pink satin variation topped with a rhinestone buckle, standing out among 25 unique renditions featuring a series of intricate embroidery and crystal jewellery buckles. This signature bag silhouette of the SS22 collection, is tradition meets innovation. Perfectly showcasing the artisans’ skill in handling leather, the Viv’ Choc continues to charm with its hand-stitched construction and creative variations that stay true to the Maison’s codes of creativity, rarity and exclusivity.

In this collection, Gherardo Felloni also melds the modern with the Maison’s rich heritage skilfully. Drawing inspiration from the Maison’s archives, he reproduces the famous curved Choc heel originally invented by Roger Vivier, and designs the Choc Feathers Pump, a new pump decked with feathers. Heritage meets the present day in an ode to creativity. Like precious jewellery, the stunning Viv’ Jewels is worn on the leg beneath the knee, adding a sparkle to every step.

The injection of surrealism into presenting this masterpiece of a collection is a touch of genius. Step into Hotel Vivier by exploring this collection, and celebrate the gathering of freedom, beauty, femininity and the arts.

Images courtesy of Roger Vivier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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