Rimowa “New Horizons”: Seeing Travel in a New Light

by Pressroom

Waiting to take flight.

It is the beginning, the process and the ending.

It summarises each journey beautifully as it holds the anticipation before a trip as you pack, weathers the voyage with you, and embraces the fruits of your travels on your way home.

The luggage – a travel companion we often overlook simply because it does its job so well.

With more than a century’s legacy of enhancing travel experiences through its distinctive suitcases, Rimowa invites you to consider the world at this standstill of a time, through the visual diaries of photographers across the globe.

The New Horizons campaign sees each protagonist take their Rimowa travel case of choice off the beaten path, and into the depths of their reflective journeys.

Track Berlin newcomer Sophie Klock’s exploration of Japan by train, see Australia’s Lobster Bay House in a new light with architectural photographer Rory Gardiner, and perceive the coastlines of Kent, England with Yann Faucher.

It’s more than observing the world through their eyes; it’s viewing travel and places in a new light – an invitation to dive deep into our travel memories to ruminate journeys past and reconnect with what’s within as we await the next adventure patiently.

Travel might still be off-limits, but the horizons of the mind remain boundless. After all, the journey is rarely just about its completion.

Realise your next journey with Rimowa, in-store or online.


All images courtesy of Rimowa, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.


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