Riding the New Wave: Hazelle Teo

by Susanah Cheok

As the world welcomes a brand-new year, Curatedition finds out what Hazelle Teo, Mediacorp YES 933 DJ, actress and host will be sprinting towards in 2021, and how she intends to dance to the future.

Hazelle Teo is a familiar voice on the airwaves. A DJ with YES 933, where she co-hosts on weeknights from 8pm to midnight, 25-year-old Hazelle has also put her acting chops to the test, to much applause. Since 2015, she’s taken on roles in 6 movies (7 Letters, Faculty, Dear DJ, Die Die Also Must Serve, Tree in the River and Loving You).

Work on It

The spunky, vivacious radio and TV personality counts her blessings for work achieved in 2020: “I’ll just list a few for consideration. For one, the fact that radio is considered an essential service, and in the three months of Circuit Breaker, I got to travel to work every day. Otherwise, there has been a lot less travel than usual, but I’m already super thankful.”


Hazelle’s gratitude list includes “Clinching three TV advertisements, hosting a variety series, during which I eventually overcame my fear of heights and jumped off from a height of 47 metres, and when I was given the female lead role in a TV series (opportunities to act are super-treasured, given I’m a jock).”

In 2020, one of the lessons she learnt, while having her feet planted firmly on the ground, is mastering TikTok, a short-video platform on which she can be seen pulling off Britney dance moves.

“It’s harder than it seems! But on a more serious note, I’ve learnt the importance of adequate rest. Being in the night belt, this can be challenging at times. In 2020, I would do my best to reschedule work opportunities if they’re too early in the morning, in order to allow my body more rest. In the past, this was a huge no-no to me, because every chance was considered good exposure for me. However, I fell sick very often due to the lack of rest.”

She is also way ahead of the 2021 work curve, saying, “I’d like to be ahead of time for my work appointments, not just be punctual. I want to have a certain amount of money saved… As for resolution number 3, it’s still a secret. All I’ll say is that I hope to achieve a little breakthrough in my career. I say ‘a little’, but it’s quite a big thing for me, but I’m afraid it may not come true in 2021, that’s why I’ve chosen to keep it a secret for now.”

Me Time

Hazelle, who is the very epitome of ‘can-do’, ‘go-get’, and ‘never-say-cannot’ is resolute about re-inculcating better wellbeing habits like “sleeping a minimum of 6 to 7 hours every night. This is a good habit that the Circuit Breaker inculcated in me. But unfortunately, this is getting slowly lost as we moved on to Phase 2,” she admits.

She also subscribes to the potential of self-affirmation. “Every night, I want to try to give myself a reason to feel proud of myself. I’m not being ​boastful, I just think people generally don’t thank themselves enough, when it’s actually a very powerful thing. It keeps you motivated and on the ball for the next day.”


The dance enthusiast, who also has music under her skin, aspires to composing a song “that I can share with my followers and listeners. I’m no Stephanie Sun, but hopefully, with hard work (and maybe some auto tunes) I can get there.” She has practical designs in the kitchen too – she hopes to learn to cook just the one dish.

Hazelle recognises the influence of being a voice on national radio, and the importance of leveraging on it to do good. “I want to continue doing what I think I do best – spreading positivity and good vibes on air, and on my own social channels. I believe a little a day, goes a long way.”

Personal Style


With party season a-foot, how Hazelle will tog out to celebrate the new year will depend on dress codes, which she considers “ultimately, mood determinants! When I put on heels, I feel a little more classy and positive. When I put on sneakers, I feel a little more fun-loving.”

Her personal dress code, though, is “street, with a bit of edge. I love to show a little skin, but nothing too revealing. And I love contrasting vibes, for example, mixing streetwear with high heels or formalwear with sneakers.”

Artwork by Curatedition, all rights reserved.

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