Panthère de Cartier: Structured in Style

by Pressroom

Cartier’s signature feline lends its magnetic presence to the maison’s latest bag silhouette.

Presented in shiny, gold hardware dotted with black lacquer, the focus of the new Panthère de Cartier bag is no doubt the panther itself. The majestic panther became the emblem of the maison’s jewellery after it was first adopted in the 1940s by creative director Jeanne Toussaint.

Decades later, the inspiration never ceases. Artistic director of the accessories studio, Marlin Yuson, makes a statement piece with a minimalist approach. The bag is structured into a trapezoid to complement the form of the jewel clasp featuring the panther. Arched to form the letter C, the hand-polished panther stands out against the bag’s clean lines. The deceptively simple design of this buckle is brilliant – capturing the essence of the feline’s movement while imprinting the signature of Cartier. Moulding it to perfection required both jewellery craftsmanship and design vision.

The emphasis on impeccable construction extends to the body of the bag, structured from its shape to its handles and gusset. The wavy grained texture of the leather, known as Palmelatto, could only be achieved with precise fine leather goods craftsmanship. First, the finest grade of leather is selected, washed and tanned before undergoing an artisanal process where a paper is applied to the surface of the leather using a fixing spray. The skin is then rolled up and dried so that the texture of the paper permeates the skin, leaving a wavy print on the leather once it’s removed. The finishing touch is the application of a fixing spray to make the leather scratch-resistant and glossy.

This “Grande Maison” bag can be hand-carried or worn over the shoulder, and is available in a small or mini size, in black, cheery red, green or pale pink. You can even personalise it by gold foil hot-stamping or engraving the interior mirror with initials or a date.

Images courtesy of Cartier, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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