Moynat: Seeing Double

by Pressroom

Inside and out, the Moynat Duo Tote is a burst of fun for the everyday, be it work or play.

Lightweight, easy to maintain, while being gorgeous and versatile – if this is your wish list when it comes to an ideal everyday bag, Moynat is making this dream come true with the Duo Tote.

Clean lines define this workhorse of a bag. Measuring 50 x 20 x 25 cm, this soft yet structured beauty is crafted from a single piece of supple Taurillon Gex leather in all its full-grained glory and can house everything from work essentials like a laptop and files, to weekend shopping hauls and shenanigans. Light in weight and durable in nature, the use of Taurillon leather also makes this ample-sized tote lightweight and comfortable to carry around all day. But the best part of all, is its fully reversible design; you get two totes in one to match your different outfits and moods.

Reflecting the heart of Moynat’s DNA, the use of colour in the Duo Tote lineup is impressive. This house code is presented in six colour combinations that will have you spoilt for choice. Regiment/Bougainvillee balances a soft pink, with a stronger shade of green, while Blue Petrole/Mandarine is a classy play on contrasting yet complementary shades of blue and orange. Blue Acier/Atlas displays elegance by pairing a deep maroon with a darker shade of blue, while Greige/Zinc is a classic light/dark combination that doesn’t rely on the traditional black/white combination.  Emeraude/Turquoise is a fun pop of bright blue and green, while Atlas/Capucine charms with a striking palette of red and orange. Regardless of which colour you choose for the day, even a peek of colour from within adds a fun touch of style.

To top it all off, Moynat has included an archival detail that adds to the Duo Tote’s charm; every tote comes with a matching, removable bicolour zip pouch that sits perfectly on the base, adding to its functionality. This thoughtful detail harks back to the 1880s when an inner leather pouch was designed at the bottom of Moynat trunks to keep travel documents safe.

Images courtesy of Moynat, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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