Moynat: A New Spectrum

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Creative Director Nicholas Knightly steps into the light and presents six gems for women on the go in his debut collection for Moynat.

Some ten months into joining Moynat, Creative Director Nicholas Knightly has finally unveiled his first collection for the Parisian luxury leather goods maison. Fresh from his immersion into the House’s history and culture, Knightly looks to share the untold stories of Moynat in his new creations.

“The level of inherited quality and craft is exceptional here, and I find it so inspiring to collaborate with the artisans in the Moynat atelier. Passing the pots of paint lined up in every colour imaginable ready to personalize someone’s dream order is a real joy,” said the British designer, who formerly worked at Louis Vuitton and Mulberry.

If, like me, you were expecting beautiful bag silhouettes and unique closures, you will not be disappointed. In this launch, Knightly found his muse in the archives and created six distinctive compact bags, each complete with shiny hardware, for women on the go. And, if you loved the candy toned Réjane Nano of 2020,  you’ll also be drawn to the new collection’s palette. Reminiscent of colourful plumage, the hues span from a peachy flamingo pink to a vivid titmouse blue and an elegant dove beige.

Odes to Moynat’s Storied Past

Le Flori is pretty, practical and well-proportioned. Dimensions: 20cm (length) x  9cm (width) x 19cm (height).

Star power: Le Flori as worn. (The Bicolor strap and Miss Moynat Strap collections are available independently of the bags.)

The atelier’s eponymous founder Pauline Moynat was a trailblazer in action and thought. As the first and only female malletier of her time, she had many innovative ideas; one of them was as simple and enlightened as advertising “hands-free” handbags on long straps, back in 1903, no less.

Inspired by Pauline and designed to allow freedom of movement, Le Flori is a handbag with a gently curved top handle, a detachable cross-body leather strap, and a youthful, feminine vibe. The make of Le Flori’s sleek palladium lock draws from details of women’s trunks from the 1900s. Featuring Taurillon Blush leather with Calf Pearl lining, Le Flori is available in Flamingo, Mésange, and Tourtelle; all with palladium hardware.

Amply sized, the elegant Le Limousine is poised to become a favourite office bag. Dimensions: 29cm (length) x 12cm (width) x 32cm (height).

Moynat’s Limousine trunk, with a concave base that sat nicely on the car’s curved roof, remains one of the Maison’s most iconic creations. Named as an homage to these vintage pieces, Le Limousine is a handsome top-handle bag with curved corners (instead of a curved bottom) that is handcrafted with the same savoir-faire as its celebrated ancestors. Featuring Taurillon Blush leather with Calf Pearl lining, Le Limousine is available in Ocean with gold hardware, and Tourterelle with palladium hardware.

Le Voyage Dimensions: 25cm (length) x 12cm (width) x 32cm (height).

Le Baluchon Dimensions: 20cm (length) x14cm (width) x 18cm (height).

From Moynat’s logos and monogram to the award-winning Moroccan red leather trunk, much was born of Moynat’s 25-year collaboration with French artist Henri Rapin. Rapin’s mark lives on today as the Moynat stamp of authenticity encircling the Medallion locks of the new Voyage and Le Baluchon.

The Medallion lock opens and shuts with a single push of the button, offering ease of use for the woman who desires quick, fuss-free access to her belongings. Those who appreciate the aesthetic and simplicity of this closure have two styles to choose from: the smart top-handle Voyage, and the chic bucket-shaped Baluchon with detachable hand-carry and cross-body leather straps.

Featuring Taurillon Blush leather with Calf Pearl lining, Voyage is available in Chili with palladium hardware, Paon with gold hardware, and Tourterelle with palladium hardware. The Baluchon comes in two leather options: Taurillon Blush with Calf Pearl lining, in Flamingo with palladium hardware, Ocean with gold hardware, and Tourterelle with palladium hardware; and Satin Calf with Calf Pearl lining, in Safran/Noir with palladium hardware.

La Toile 1920

With three straps radiating outwards from the centre of the bag like spokes of a wheel, La Wheel’s design harks back to a time where car-owners stored their spare tyres in similar round cases. Dimensions: 17cm (length) x 8cm (width) x 17cm (height).

Another Rapin graphic, the Toile 1920 monogram has been a Moynat signature for a century now, recognised by its Art Deco-style pattern formed by multiple letter Ms, conjoined and shaded to appear three-dimensional. Constructed in the emblematic monogram Canvas 1920 with goatskin lining are two new miniature trunk-style bags: La Wheel and La Little Suitcase.

At first glance, La Wheel looks like a hat box bag, but it’s actually fashioned after spare tyre cases of the early 20th century. With a top handle and detachable shoulder straps, the round minaudière has room enough to fit a smartphone, compact and lipstick for a fun evening out.

Tiny in size, big in savoir-faire: La Little Suitcase is a neat replica of the traditional Moynat trunk, writ small. Dimensions: 19.5cm (length) x 6cm (width) x 16cm (height).

Those with an eye for detail may find La Little Suitcase rather irresistible. Carefully and lovingly handwrought by Moynat’s artisans, the miniature trunk meets the same uncompromising standards of craftmanship as traditional Moynat trunks. Flip the suitcase open and inside you’ll find a charming little pouch – a tiny replica of the travel document wallets tucked in vintage Moynat luggage.

Images courtesy of Moynat, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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