Montblanc Writers Edition: An Homage to the Brothers Grimm

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Montblanc celebrates the transformative power of literature with a new collection of fine writing instruments that pays tribute to the Brothers Grimm.

Widely known for writing the classic volume of 200 tales that make up “Grimm’s Fairytales”, the Brothers Grimm were more than masterful folklorists. They dedicated their lives to linguistic research and laid the foundation of what is considered the most extensive dictionary of the German language – the “German Dictionary” – the first attempt to consolidate all existing German words. Inspired by their lifetime’s work that had a significant cultural imprint, the latest Montblanc Writers Editions is a special tribute to the Brothers Grimm – Jacob (1785–1863) and Wilhelm (1786–1859) Grimm.

The Homage to Brothers Grimm collection features of special editions, each shaped like a wooden wandering stick, referencing the tradition of wandering storytellers who travelled from village to village to tell their tales. Each detail is also well thought out:

  • The pen clip’s unusual shape, when viewed from the front, appears to be a gnarly root that refers to the Brothers Grimm’s passion for language and research into linguistic “roots” but when viewed sideways, reveals the facial profile of the Brothers Grimm
  • The cap ring on each writing instrument is engraved with the famous words “ES WAR EINMAL…” or “Once Upon a Time, harking back to how their famous stories begin
  • Every nib is engraved with burning flames that symbolise the fire around which children sat to hear the fairy tales, and a central element in many of Grimm’s fairy tales.
  • Every edition features the title of their first publication “Kinder- und Hausmärchen” (Children ́s and Household Tales) on the cone, as well as their number in the book

Each of the four editions also embody unique design features reminiscent of the fairy tale they are inspired by.

Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition


Inspired by the folk tale of Rapunzel who was imprisoned in a tower and fell in love with a prince who climbs up the tower to meet her when she lets down her long hair, the black resin on the cap and barrel of this edition is decorated with a wavy pattern that represents Rapunzel’s hair. The platinum-coated clip and fittings contrast with the dark cap and barrel, much like walking into the deep woods. The ruthenium-coated cone, which resembles the shape of a spindle in spinning rooms where many stories were traditionally exchanged by women, is engraved with the title of the Grimm fairy tale collection “Kinder- und Hausmärchen”, the number 12 for the sequence of the fairy tale Rapunzel and the year of publication of the first volume – 1812, while the cap features the letter “R” for the fairy tale “Rapunzel”. The circle around the clip is decorated with “GÖTTINGER SIEBEN”, a group of seven liberal professors from Göttingen of which the Brothers Grimm were part of, as well as the years in which the German Dictionary was written. The Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition is available as a Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil (only as part of a set).

Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 1812

This edition references The Sleeping Beauty – a story of a young princess who was entrapped and falls into a dreamless sleep for a long time before a prince appears at her castle overgrown with roses, thorns and leaves, and awakens her with a kiss. The cap and barrel are crafted from metal with a ruthenium coating enhanced with a yellow gold-coated overlay to give a vintage look. The cone is engraved with “Kinder- und Hausmärchen”, and the number ’50’ for the fairy tale The Sleeping Beauty and the year of publication, 1812. The Letter “D” on the cap stands for the fairy tale’s German title “Dornröschen”. Inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s interest in nature as well as the foliage that grows through the castle in this tale, the Montblanc Emblem that crowns the writing instrument is made from Mother-of-Pearl surrounded by red lacquer, reminiscent of roses that grew throughout the castle. A limited edition of 1812 Fountain pens and 1812 Rollerballs commemorates the year the first edition of the “Kinder- und Hausmärchen” was published in 1812.

Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 86

The tale of Hansel & Gretel tells of two abandoned children attempting to retrace their way back home from the forest, but found themselves in a gingerbread house owned by an old witch. The pair trick the witch into climbing into the burning oven, before returning home to their father with many riches. Harking back to the dark forest and the fires that burned the witch in this tale, the barrel is made from blackened Ebony Wood contrasted with Au750 solid gold inlay flames and fittings. The cap is made from Au750 solid gold and coated in black PVD, with the signatures of the authors revealed in gold. A cast piece made from Au750 solid gold set in the back of the cap features flames and the letter H (for Hansel & Gretel), evoking the moment in the story when Gretel pushes the witch into a burning oven. The two gold inlays on the barrel feature famous words from the original German version: “Knuper knuper kneischen…Wer knupert an meinem Häuschen?” (“Nibble nibble like a mouse, who is nibbling at my house?”).

The Montblanc Emblem is set as a cast piece comprising the letters A to F, with F being the last letter that the Grimm Brothers finished in their German Dictionary during their lifetime. The solid gold cone is set with a cabochon made of Mother-of-Pearl symbolizing the treasure Hansel & Gretel discover after they burn the witch. This edition is limited to 86 Fountain Pens – a reference to the number of fairy tales published in the first edition of the “Kinder- und Hausmärchen” in 1812.

Homage to Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 8

Named after her fair skin, Snow White incurred the jealousy of her evil stepmother and was ordered to be killed in the woods but was taken in by seven dwarfs instead. She was tracked down and tricked into eating a poisoned apple, but the prince found her and carried her coffin back to the castle. On the way, the coffin fell, causing Snow White to spit out the poisoned apple and awaken to marry the prince.

This tale as old as time is the inspiration for the Brothers Grimm Limited Edition 8. The cap and barrel are made from Au750 solid white gold with a structure that resembles leaves coated in yellow gold along with inlays made from matte Au750 solid white gold representing precious ore the dwarfs mined from the mountains. The barrel contains a real faceted rock crystal the symbolizes Snow White’s “coffin” and is hand-engraved on the back with the imagery of Snow White taken from a
drawing by Ludwig Grimm. The white gold feature continues into the cap where two white gold inlays with a crystal structure, are mattified to appear like ore; one crystal contains the letter “S” as a reference to the fairy tale Snow White.

Two lines of diamonds across the rings and a line of diamonds on the cap and barrel symbolise the dazzling beauty of Snow White, while the Au750 solid yellow gold nib engraved with the flames serves as a symbol of the setting during which the tales were told, and the apple given to Snow White by the witch, while the forepart is adorned with leaves.

Images courtesy of Montblanc, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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