Loewe Flamenco, Resized and Reinvented.

by Pressroom

The Flamenco family expands its offerings.

Casually alluring, the Loewe Flamenco, crafted from supple nappa leather, is sensual to the touch while retaining just the right amount of structure when it’s set down. Having perfected the clutch game last year with the mini size that also included a detachable shoulder strap as an alternative wearing option, Loewe expands the Flamenco family for Fall-Winter 2021 with two new additions – the XL and the Nano.

I’ve always thought it had that energy to it; this idea of subtleness. Blowing it up really showcases the nappa leather in its rawest and purest form.

Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of Loewe

Worn on the arm with its handles tucked in, the XL Flamenco clutch softens any style with a touch of modern luxe, effortlessly blending into different looks without overshadowing the wearer with its size. The soft nappa leather folds upon itself when laid to rest, adding to its visual appeal. Roomy enough to be used as an overnight bag, it can also be carried as a tote. The interior is lined with herringbone cotton-canvas, and has zipped pockets for easy interior organisation. Like the regular-sized Flamenco and the mini Flamenco that come in new colourways this season, the supersized Flamenco is available in black, burnt red, warm desert and vintage khaki.

Taken to the other extreme in terms of size offerings, the Nano Flamenco is distinctly attractive in its own way. The palm-sized Nano is handy, and comes equipped with a gold metal so that it can be worn on the shoulder. Crafted in a colourful palette in shades of blossom, candy, mustard, rosemary, soft white and vermillion, the Nano at only 15 centimetres wide, shares many of the XL’s design details including the jaunty leather knots that cinch the Flamenco bags shut. Introduced by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson in 2014, that design detail has become a defining one.

Taken to two extremes, the range of sizes reflect the Flamenco’s versatility in design. From Nano to XL, and all sizes in between, its appeal is diversified but never reduced. First conceived in 1984, the Flamenco was named after its shape, which emulated the gatherings and waves of a dress, and constructed from fine, pliable nappa leather that could be pleated, tucked and stitched to create rounded shape. Since then, the Flamenco bag has been reinterpreted and presented in many variations of fabrics, jacquards and soft leathers, including a 2020 edition that showcases ceramic and metal-spiked stoppers made by Japanese artist Takuro Kuwata.

Alongside the two new sizes, the regular-sized and mini Flamenco are also available in new colourways such as Joe Brainard’s auburn pansies crafted with leather marquetry technique. Brainard’s striking collage of blooms – the artwork that first caught Anderson’s eye to the artist’s portfolio – brings the ripples of the Flamenco’s soft nappa to life.

Images courtesy of Loewe, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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