Hermès Carré Club: Be There or Be Square

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Hermès Carré Club in Singapore: What, where, how.

Consider this your invitation.

What: Hermès Carré Club

When: 19 to 21 October 2018, 11am – 8pm daily. Free Admission.

Where: 3 Lady Hill Road, Singapore 258672

How: Shuttle services run to and from Hermès Carré Club every 15 minutes from 11am to 8pm daily. Hop on a Carré-van at: Liat Towers taxi stand (next to Hermès at Liat Towers), and Plaza Singapura taxi stand.

For drop-offs only , head to 3 Lady Hill Road. Please note that parking facilities will not be available on site.

Fast-Track: For priority access, register to join the club here. Trust us, you want to sign up here now.

Born to be Square
The dynamic venue promises everyone a fair and square opportunity to engage with the carré.  Think artist demonstrations, café gatherings, literary experiences and more – all running day into night.

The multifaceted interpretations of the beloved silk, amidst a backdrop that alternately conjures up a gentleman’s club, an artist’s workshop, or a private clubhouse promise to surprise even the most ardent aficionado.

We give you a heads-up on what to do, and what to expect: The Hermès Carré Club houses nine active concepts for your exploration, but first up, you must check in at the reception desk to receive your membership card.

Carré Click and Check

Members arrive at the reception where they sign in to receive their membership card (Carré Check) and enter a photobooth where their official portrait will be enhanced with custom filters and graphics (Carré Click).

Spread the carré-fever and share these photos on social media! (Official hashtag: #CarreClub)

Carré Studio

The artistic epicentre. An on-site atelier will provide an authentic setting for carré designers and artisans to create live and in real time. Among those with a connection to the carré are Gianpaolo Pagni, Ugo Gattoni & Jean-Simon Roch, Alice Shirley, Keng Saw, and Octave Marsal & Théo de Gueltzl.

Singapore artist-embroiderer Izziyana Suhaimi joins them in the atelier, where members are welcome to interact and engage with this select group:

Gianpaolo Pagni, whose interests involve appropriating old documents with custom stamps, will stamp directly onto the silk scarves as a new layer of illustration.

Ugo Gattoni and Jean-Simon Roch will create and animate a series of drawings introducing the recurring character Mino.

Alice Shirley has an instinctive talent for rendering realistic animals amidst artistic natural settings, and will share with members her creative process.

Keng Saw will illustrate members’ portraits in his signature quirky style, which they will be able to take home with them.

Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl will perform live sessions, creating freely in the manner of a cadavre exquis, to develop drawings into exciting forms.

  • Keng Saw

Singapore artist Izziyana Suhaimi, whose interest is in exploring the role that traditional craftsmanship plays in modern art and popular culture, will embroider colourful threads onto Hermès scarves.

Members can also leave their own mark by naming one of 75,000 colours posted on a giant wall – each one used by Hermès over decades of carré creation.

Carré Cut

Enter the temple of transformation where beauty comes in all sizes but just one shape. Carré makeovers will be offered so that guests can show off all their right angles with square-cut wigs and manicures in carré colours.

Carré Café

Not your average square meal, Carré Café will be helmed by Singaporean food stylist, photographer and barista, CR Tan. Crafted specially for Carré Club, the menu presents a harmonious celebration of squares, splashes of colours and CR’s distinctive take on Southeast Asian flavours. But beyond a spot to sip or snack, the carré-enveloped café combines salon-style culture with cabaret-inspired entertainment such as literary readings, retro arcade games, and other opportunities to savour the moment.

Carré Stories

Because carrés speak volumes, members can listen to revelatory recorded messages via a retro telephone booth. From secrets to anecdotes, truths to fictions, the spoken texts are a reminder that carrés are keepers of memories and tales.


Paneled in colourful carrés, a box accommodating four people becomes a place to belt out songs that loosely correspond to silk. Wave your hands like you just don’t carré!

Carré Disco

For the club’s partygoers who want to dance the night away under the lights of a square disco ball. A chance for guests to prove they’re not so square, after all. In the day, the disco transforms into a lounge playing cool tunes.

Carré Park

A small skate ramp covered in carré designs provides a stage for skaters to show off their tricks.

Carré Mania

Hermès Carré Club silk bandana

This, you must.

You want to bring home an autumn-winter 2018 scarf, and not miss the special edition Hermès Carré Club silk bandana, available at this members-only gift shop.

This Hermès Carré Club conceived by Bali Barret, artistic director of the Hermès women’s universe, is effortlessly adaptable to local members’ interests, attracting all those with an appreciation for the carré. Whereas a Carré-OK singalong setup might feel de rigueur in one city, the Carré Disco and Carré Park skate ramp might pop up in another.

Schedule a visit before the club moves on to its next destination. We remind you squarely again, to pre-register now to experience the carré’s magical harmony of craftsmanship, art, heart and heritage as a meaningful and lasting symbol of expression for yourself.


All images courtesy of Hermès.


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