Delvaux: Weaving Summer Dreams

by Pressroom

Find your ideal summer companion in the breezy and charming woven Pin Mini Bucket Osier.

As temperatures warm up, we are turning to light and breezy styles to take us through the balmy days. Delvaux’s Spring-Summer 2023 rendition of the signature Pin Mini Bucket silhouette fits the bill – a seamless combination of the Maison’s heritage of savoir faire and leatherwork and the rarefied tradition of Osier basket weaving.

To perfect the basket bag, Delvaux worked with renowned master vannière Catherine Romand and her atelier in the Loire Valley, to weave their centuries-old Osier craft into a timeless, exclusive design. Romand speaks of this special collaboration as a result of “the bond of pure trust between the Maison and our atelier.”

Each Pin Mini Bucket Osier takes nine hours of meticulous craft and close collaboration between Delvaux and Romand’s atelier to complete. To recreate the iconic curved bucket shape of the Delvaux Pin bag, the artisans need to braid the wicker stems from bottom to top without interruption while incorporating lengths of soft leather, a technique developed exclusively for the Pin Mini Bucket. Three naturalistic shades of wicker are used to create a distinctive, sophisticated basket weave anchored by Delvaux’s finest Dream Calf leather at the iconic base and the strap. The result is a fresh summer charm that is adventurous yet exudes timeless appeal, all while honouring nature’s bounty.

The wicker used is sourced from Osier, a superior willow grown in the Garden of France, best known for its exceptional quality. The Osier has received a Protected Designation of Origin certifying its specific provenance, and Delvaux is one of the rare Maisons with access to this extraordinary crop. Harvested in November and December, it’s cut, sorted and soaked to ensure its vitality, then peeled and dried in the open air in May, to get it ready for weaving.

More than a seasonal souvenir, this masterpiece is a celebration of craftsmanship and the beauty of Nature’s bountiful harvests, set to become a constant companion for a long time to come.

Images courtesy of Delvaux, artwork by Curatedition. All rights reserved.

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